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Lee@ 6:39am 07-07-2017
I would like all the information on the Valiant Thor story. I believe that Frank Stranges was trying to be a science fiction writer, and not only do many of his answers in interviews contradict one another. First, being from Venus was a big turn off, but Stranges wrote like a poor 1930s or 40s (or at least frustrated one) trying to mingle his religion in with science to gather both camps of thought. But why is it that no one has ever come forth and said they know who the actors are that posed at Thor and his crew? Also, the story has changed. First Donn was just a crew member, now he is the brother of Valiant, and some have Jill as his sister and Teal not just a crew member but Donn's wife. What is the real skinny on this all? If your answers have to come from Admiral Byrd's nephew or whatever he is, then that is a sign of pure fiction. With all respect. Thank you!
Robert Drinkwater@ 1:06pm 12-14-2016
Love the album lights out, it's hard to find in a store. I have had the album 4 different times and looking to get it a 5th time.
Wlm@ 2:50pm 01-26-2016
I think I may have been abducted. I looked at your page that has questions and I said yes to most. I have had hundreds of sighting, many many what I thought were dreams that as I grew older I realized there was more to dsome of my so called dreams. I disappeared a few times as a child to be found elsewhere hours later I don't remember what happen or how I would get there but id suddenly realize im nto home I don't know where I am, always not far from home I would either get found or find my way home to get into trouble everytime because i didn't know how or why I left. I been driving the sitance to go from one state to another one specific time from sierra vista az to las vegas nv. about a 8 hours trip took me 2 1/2, and I don't know how. one time in 1997 I was in el paso tx with my sister I was 37 at the time, we went to a large mall went shopping was on the 2nd floor going down the escalator to the 1st store to leave and go home. we was in it maybe 5 seconds I was talking to my sister she was one step below me I was facing down. I remember everything got dark around me and I saw a very narrow light and everything went dark around me again the next thing I remember is stepping off thethe top step and facing downward to go down the escalator. my sister went through the same exact thing we looked at each other speechless we was afraid to go down it again but my sister is the type who ignores odd things so she convinced me to get back on it, I stood facing downward she faced upward back to back we watched carefully to make sure we goet off and on the bottom floor. I have been able to get her to talk about it since but she hesitates because it was so weird. I see u.f.o many times in my life and one time in 2013 sepoatember 1th we was passing one it was to my right in the air about 100 yards away and 100 yards in the air, I felt it was trying to either read my mind or force a thought into my mind and I resisted with rejecting thoughts. I have other wild experiences. I need help knowing if the memories of me floating away or seeing the ship above me or the flash I remember after a lost time was abduction or what. ty for reading wlm
Heather@ 2:16pm 01-03-2016
It was a pleasure meeting you. Thnak you!
b-ran@ 12:16pm 10-14-2015
not sure what im looking for.
started having memories from my childhood come back. I remember dreams of falling into the sky then being dropped back down into my bed. I remember always seeing a hooded figure in my room and it told me things that were gonna happen, that ended up happening. im just trying to put the pieces together.
most of the symptoms of abduction hit home.
Ray 777@ 10:47pm 09-28-2015
it was nice to meet you Frank hope the 7 work out for you, and by the way nice work!
Brandon@ 4:41pm 09-26-2015
I am terrified. I can't stop looking this stuff up and it has been around 7 years since my last encounter.
paul .bennett@ 11:28pm 06-26-2015
Hi & nice meeting you.
A E@ 4:58pm 06-14-2015
oKey, I thought the messages are checked first:) Are the Men in black coming to visit now
sharon wools@ 12:07pm 06-12-2015
it was nice meeting you
karen magnusson@ 1:25am 05-30-2015
to our new freindshship and more
John Lucas@ 3:21pm 12-28-2013
I have had so many sightings. among other things. that it would take to much time and to long to write. I can make contac if I chose with aliens.. I can spot ufo's as they fly through the nigh skies. I myself know I have been abducted., and my family as well. I myself my have been took to a distant planet. I myself know there are other life forms in our universe. and in our own galaxie
Jimmy Cornejo @ 3:53am 03-10-2013
Hi Frank: If you are really a UFO investigater, I have Pictures & videos recordings and contact with a nather life form and how they touch or contact with me. I been following them for over 2 years, I have a recording of one talking to me with a voice device I have. You have to here it to believe and my girlfriend is my witness.It's been bugging me for a long time and I need to know whats going on and what are they.Please call (559)781-1335....
vaibhav aksh@ 5:22am 02-13-2013
i have been hearing voices in the air,which are real,out of space and extra-terrestrial.
as long as i interact with the voices,everything goes off well,however the moment i stop interacting,the voices try to subdue and harass me.however if i am in real trouble,these people in the air go out of their way to save me.i am sure these voices are from aliens.these voices started coming from around five years ago and started with mumbai,and these voices have followed me from mumbai to north-east india ie. assam(guwahati).can you please investigate and give me your feedback.